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About Stéphane Chasseloup.

Stéphane Chasseloup was Born in Paris. His work as been featured in some digital art publications and magazines, he wons some awards for his artistic & profesional achievements. Experiences working in Advertising, Concepts, 2D Concepts & 3D modeling for Video-Games, Publishing, design, and as freelance Digital Artist. I do commissioned works for videogame industry, Asset publishers, advertise and more :)


Some Awards I won those last years. I get the second place on the NVArt 6: Moving Innovation (NVidia). I have been finalist at the Peugeot-Challenge 2004 Concept Car, images in 3D Projects. I won the Runner Up CG Challenge XVI - Grand Space Opera, you can see published images at Ballistic Bublishing. I get the honourable mention for CGChallenge XIX - The Journey Begins. I win some others Awards in 2D and 3D challenges.



Published some covers for spanish 3D Magazines & Comics. Some of my artworks have been published in the 3D Max 4/5 Bible (Wiley editions) some years ago. You can see some samples in 2D & 3D Projects. The images you can see in my website are just a sample of all published works.


In Store link you will find many others 3D Products I created.

Partners & Clients



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